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Individual Play Therapy

These are weekly therapy sessions with your child and their play therapist. After a quick update with parent(s) or caregiver(s), the rest of the time is spent in the playroom, one-on-one, engaging in art therapy, pretend play, and other child-centered activities designed to help kids explore and express their feelings.

Animal-Assisted Play Therapy

Read this article for more information about the use of emotional support dogs in play therapy.

Filial Play Therapy

This is a special kind of play therapy that invites parents to engage in the therapeutic process. Parent(s) or caregiver(s) join the play therapy sessions and learn to conduct these “special play times” at home. This helps continue the therapy process between weekly sessions while also strengthening the parent-child connection.

Parenting Support

Though rewarding and exciting, let’s face it — parenting can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting! Parenting support gives caregivers the tools they need to navigate the murky waters of raising kids. Whether you have specific concerns about your child’s behavior, want to know more about effective discipline, or you have general uncertainty about your parenting skills, this kind of support can help you identify solutions and find what works best for your family.

Family Therapy

These are weekly therapy sessions attended by multiple family members, focusing on deepening family connections and coping with stressful times. Family therapy encourages a collaborative approach to change. It’s an ideal counseling method to improve communication and reduce conflict throughout the entire family system.

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